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island of Kakan

You will have the opportunity to visit Kornati, a group of 147 islands that are announced for National Park for its exceptional beauty.

Primosten and Vodice have developed into a modern tourist centers famous for its rich night life as well as beautiful beaches and natural beauty.


arrival in Marina Dalmacija in the afternoon; great
restaurant for dinner is Konoba Guste or Konoba Kaleta
in the village Sukosan

Day 2 - SUNDAY (21 nM)

Anchor at island Vrgada which is ideal place for swimming
- mooring at Lojena cove, island Smokvica or Opat cove,
on S side of island Kornat (in both coves there are
excellent restaurants with domestic specialties)

Day 3 - MONDAY (16 nM)

Anchor at island Borovnjak (on the NE side of the island
Kakan) or Potkucina cove - mooring at Zlarin, island Zlarin

Day 4 - TUESDAY (10 nM)

Anchor at one of the coves at E side of Zlarin -mooring
at Primosten (it is worth having a walk around the old
city walls)

Day 5 - WEDNESDAY (18 nM)

Anchor at Tijascica cove on the S side of island Tijat
- mooring at Vodice

Day 6 - THURSDAY (24 nM)

Anchor at cove Hiljaca on the E side of island Zut
- mooring at Marina Zut, island Zut (after dinner, the short
walk to the top of the hill allows breathtaking views of
the Adriatic sunset and Kornati archipelago)

Day 7 - FRIDAY (12 nM)

Anchor at Telascica (the park of nature) on the island Dugi
otok (when you come to Telascica, be sure to visit Lake
Mir, one of the two salt lakes in Croatia and climb on the
rocks on the outer side, from which there is a magnificent
view of the open sea) - mooring at Sukosan


Check out till 9 a.m.

٭ ANCHORING refers to anchoring during the day time to enjoy
swimming, snorkeling and other water activities

٭ MOORING refers to overnight mooring at the marinas, ports
or safety bays

Due to extremely crowded marinas in the summer time,
ensure that you arrive early afternoon for overnight stay.

Boat licence in Croatia

Note, that Croatia asks from bareboat-skippers a legal
official licence from the homecountry INCLUDING a
VHF/Radio-licence! Otherwise, a local croatian boatlicence can be akquired (needs some time and costs about 150 €)

Croatian Tourist Tax

Since 2009, the croatian tourism ministery asks a
tourist-tax of 7 Kuna/person/day (about 1 € in 2009)
payable at boarding of the charteryacht.

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